Small Animal Rescue Center Opens in Support of a Dual Purpose

Last update: August 28, 2022
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Tunisia is a North African nation that is home to over 9,000 refugees, because of where Tunisia is situated it is likely that this figure is considerably higher. Refugees are immigrating from neighboring Libya, Ivory Coast, Syria, and other countries, once relocated, refugees face struggles in securing appropriate work opportunities.

Tunisia is a participant of the fundamental refugee conventions and protocols; in its newest adopted constitution Tunisia guarantees the right for refugees to seek political asylum. However, the current legal framework fails to offer any resources or accommodations to respond to challenges regarding the rights of asylum seekers in need of access to fair work, healthcare coverage, and education.

With absolutely no government aid for refugees in Tunisia, and without proper documentation, life is inexplicably difficult. The average income for a refugee working as a house cleaner, the most common position for female refugees, is $200.00.

A very special donor observed this heart wrenching reality and started looking for a reasonable solution to the problem. As this donor has a soft spot for both humanity and animals, they found the perfect opportunity in the establishment of a small animal shelter. With so many stray cats roaming the streets, it was evident that the ones who were injured needed to be tended to, additionally a catch and release initiative was incorporated to spay and neuter stray cats, this began in effort to control the growing feline population.  In establishing this initiative, we have been able to offer refugees a reliable position with a fair income to sustain their livelihood. This project continues to flourish and is sponsored by a very caring and generous member of the local community.

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