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Supporting Local Domestic Community

Relief in support of homelessness, domestic violence, and mental health.
At Narenj Tree Foundation our goal to support those in crisis has now extended to international and domestic aid. We encourage our community to get involved by committing their time to host one of pop-up shops, fundraise, create a clothing drive, and more!

Our newest initiative was in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With rules changing in the world if logistics, the shipping of used clothing has become difficult to continue, many countries have restrictions on what items are deemed acceptable for entry through ports. Being unable to ship containers of gently used support within our established route, the in-kind donations were pouring in along with the challenge of finding an alternative use.

With the assistance and support of a very friendly, warm hearted, and dedicated volunteer we began the voucher program to offer support within the community. We are soon we’re connected with a few areas’charitable organizations and in due time have been able to set up a distribution center in Hopeworx, a Norristown PA based charitable organization that supports the well-being of individuals and families who are struggling with housing instability.

In addition, we host a pop up shop every other Saturday at the Norristown Transportation Center. Also, we have begun to host additional pop ups within the Tri-County area to accommodate the current need of victims of housing crisis, mental health, domestic violence, and the opioid epidemic. We encourage our fellow communities to inquire about upcoming pop up’s that they might be able to host and distribute more to our neighbors in crisis.

We are fortunate to have related to such genuinely caring volunteers who have assisted us in building a network in support of local communities, one of the most important parts if this process is raising awareness. There is so much that we can do to assist others who have been affected by circumstances beyond their control, together we can provide reassurance, aid, and support. “Help Is On the Way”.

Help Refugees Now

Donate today, whether it may be a one-time financial donation, or a recurring financial donation, your funds will be disbursed to support the needs of refugees. A tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you via email. If you prefer to support our mission with In-Kind donations, please bring them into our facilities during our hours of operation. 

"Help Is On the Way"
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