Bins Placed on Local Businesses and College Parking Lots to Help Refugees in Need

Last update: August 28, 2022
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End of the semester has come, and it is time to head back home, as students are cleaning out their closets and find excess clothing, they need to unload, we have the perfect proposition. Rather than throw away the used clothing and shoes, we are encouraging businesses, colleges, and universities to host a bin to assist in the collection of gently used clothing and shoes to be redistributed to refugees in need.

Like students, many households host a significant amount of clothing and shoes that rarely see the light of day, by placing a bin in a traffic heavy location we are encouraging individuals and families alike to check their closets for items they no longer need. By repurposing your used clothing, you are changing the lives of refugees and impoverished people worldwide. With thousands of refugees resettling throughout the tri-state region and as millions continue to become displaced throughout the year we entrust our call to action will be answered with the help of every capable individual, whether a student, professional, parent, veteran, or retirees, there is so much we can accomplish if we act as a team. If everyone gives a little, we can accomplish a lot.

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