Our Story

We started out by chance. It was November 2013 and winter was coming, bags of warm winter clothing were being collected and stored in one of our Syrian American community members empty storage spaces out of Willow Grove, PA. With only one goal in mind – to help, we managed to rally together in the collection of more gently used clothing, shoes, and linens to create a full container. Within just a few short weeks, a full container was finally ready! On December 3, 2013, we shipped our first ever container of support to Syrian refugees in crisis. In the twelve months that followed, a total of fifteen containers of emergency humanitarian assistance was delivered to displaced communities in need.

In our early days Narenj Tree Foundation began by collecting gently used clothing, shoes, and linens to ship overseas to refugees in need. Today, we are committed to providing emergency humanitarian assistance and have successfully maintained shipments. Additionally we have developed initiatives to support refugees in need by offering support services such as medical assistance, relocation services, work placement opportunities, financial assistance and more.

As we continue our mission in providing emergency humanitarian aid, we also work towards the development of new initiatives to further support refugees and displaced persons in need. We have built successful affiliate relationships with similar NGO’s that assist us in disbursing goods on an as needed basis. Our partners who have supported us in the past continue to remain present and contribute regularly, we are immensely thankful to all our past and present donors alike.

"Help Is On the Way"
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