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When a crisis occurs every minute counts, innocent lives are being impacted. We can make a difference, and working together is essential. There are many ways you can get involved to help displaced refugees. Join us in our mission. 
“Help Is On the Way”

Through collaborative efforts you make a difference. Join thousands of other people helping to save and protect the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people, there are so many ways you can contribute. 
There are so many opportunities available to become involved with Narenj Tree Foundation. We encourage all to start by taking action in advocating for the rights of refugees, start by speaking with your local government officials, vocalize your sincere thoughts about the importance of providing solutions to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Other options include hosting a fundraiser, whether on Facebook, GoFundMe, bake sale, and other creative concepts, funding is allocated to where it is needed most, we prioritize disbursements based on need.

We encourage and welcome volunteers all year around, whether in person or remotely we value volunteers immensely!

Stop by our thrift shop to donate or shop, if you prefer to drop off your donations to one of our bins closest to you, please see our list of locations.

Narenj Tree Foundation works effectively with the support of both organizations and governments in providing emergency humanitarian aid globally. Our efforts and focus have always been rooted in providing aid to those in immediate need.

Learn more about our ongoing projects and initiatives producing lasting change in displaced and impoverished communities worldwide.

How To Help

Humanitarian emergencies around the world have produced record levels of displacement and human suffering.

To help alleviate suffering learn more about the options available to you, we encourage viewers to share any new ideas they are interested in pursuing on behalf of our mission, we value your time and dedication.

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Your gift provides lifesaving essentials including shelter, water, food, safety, and protection. Around the world, we help refugees survive, recover and build a better future.

Learn more about how we help communities around the world by delivering emergency humanitarian aid.

"Help Is On the Way"
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