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Board of Directors
narenj tree foundation
Renata Alkurdi
narenj tree foundation
Natalia S. Alkurdi
Director of Operations
narenj tree foundation
Aloush “Louie”
Warehouse Manager
narenj tree foundation
Lena Crib
Merchandising Specialist
narenj tree foundation
Marketing Specialist
narenj tree foundation
Palvinder Singh
IT Specialist

Narenj Tree Foundation is governed by an engaging and cohesive Board of Directors who share a strong commitment to achieve goals and work together to further the development of our initiatives to achieve optimum results. Each of our members offers the knowledge and experience within their industry that is in alignment to ensuring we develop appropriate policies, empower advocacy, fundraise effectively, and develop programs accordingly.

We appreciate the dedication and support from all our board members. Thank you!

"Help Is On the Way"
Narenj Tree Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
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