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Orphan Sponsorship

At Narenj Tree Foundation we have established relationships in countries that include, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Tunisia, Sudan, Honduras, Venezuela, Haiti and many more. All our efforts towards the support in the livelihood of orphaned children in need are made with donated funds that are redirected in their entirety – no administration fees are attached.
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When sponsoring, donors can make individual orphan sponsorships. Donors have the option to sponsor a single child for a minimum period of six months starting at $300.00, depending on the country of residence. 

We have options available that offer sponsors an oppurtunity to stay in contact with a sponsored orphan. With sponsorships your funds cover all essential living expenses, including food, housing, education, and even medical care.

Another option available is, sponsors can start an entire orphanage. We are urging donors with the financial means to consider this as a viable option. Costs vary based on the country served and total residential space that will be available. On average the rate to build and support an orphanage for ten residents is approximately $12,000.00 for an entire year. Full progress reports will be made available throughout the process, and standard updates including progressive reports will be made available upon completion. Maintanence costs in the years that follow vary.

Lastly, sponsors can donate in any amount. Contributions can be made in any amount to support orphans in any country. Simply make a one time or even recurring donation and email us to inform us your donation is strictly for orphans in need. All funding derived from this initiative is used solely for orphan support. No administration fees are deducted at any time. Your donation is always tax-deductible.
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Help Refugees Now

Donate today, whether it may be a one-time financial donation, or a recurring financial donation, your funds will be disbursed to support the needs of refugees. A tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you via email. If you prefer to support our mission with In-Kind donations, please bring them into our facilities during our hours of operation. 

"Help Is On the Way"
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