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Humanitarian Aid in Syria and to Protect the Displaced Citizens of Syria

Due to the ongoing civil unrest in Syria, many innocent civilians have been forced to flee their home in Syria. We encourage the worldwide community to advocate for the protection of Syrians who are in their homeland as well as those who have relocated to neighboring countries.

In March 2011, pro-democracy demonstrators took to the streets to express their immediate need for change. The protests quickly propelled into a full-scale civil war, one side being pro and one side being anti the current president Bashar Assad regime. The civil war continued to escalate with many added elements causing more confusion, violence, and instability within the country.

The Syrian diaspora has resulted in over a half a million Syrians who have been killed, with anywhere from 8 to 13 million who have fled the country, and 6.3 million Syrians remain internally displaced, throughout the war Syria’s government has confiscated property as their own, committed war crimes, and committed a long list of human rights violations, including but not limited to recruiting child soldiers, shelling civilian-populated areas, kidnapping, torture, sexual violence, harsh and life-threatening prison conditions, and murdered members of religious minority groups.

We are urging our local and national communities to ask members of Congress to work towards passing policies that will aid Syrians during their time of uncertainty. By asking your local representative what they are doing and urging them to act favorably towards the needs of Syrians you are advocating towards a resolution in support of essential change to assist in their well-being and future livelihood.
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